VR Wedding Services

What Is VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a new type of visual media. A VR “experience” can be extremely powerful and gives you the feeling of “being there.” Creating a beautiful VR experience requires specialized cameras, equipment, and professional experience. VR is usually viewed with a high-quality Virtual Reality headset, but the experience can be enjoyed by all with either an inexpensive cardboard VR headset or a normal, flat computer screen.

Why Should I VR My Wedding?

The power of Virtual Reality technology to transport you back to your life’s most memorable moments is unmatched by any other type of media we have used before. The professional quality VR experience that the VRmyWedding media team will create from your wedding event will enable you to relive your big day in full 360°, full 4k high-definition, 5.1 surround sound. This new technology enables you to have “virtual guests” who get the feeling of “being there” through watching the finished VR experience from your wedding day. The VRmyWedding team can even live-stream your wedding event (in VR) so your virtual guests can experience the wedding in real time from anywhere in the world!

How Does it Work?

Your VRmyWedding relationship manager will work with you to integrate this exciting technology into the plan for your big day. VRmyWedding can provide just the VR media for your wedding, or we can provide a fully-integrated, professional media team that will seamlessly produce photography, videography, and Virtual Reality for your event. After your successful event, the VRmyWedding team will work with you to edit all your wedding event media into the perfect package so you and your loved ones can enjoy all the high quality media from your event for years to come. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed – you’re going to love it!

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Client Testimonial

It was the best day of my life, and VRmyWedding made it possible for me to share it with all the people we care about in a movie-like way! My American husband, Matt, and I, a Chinese girl, decided to get married on our trip in Manhattan with an 8-day notice. With my parents taking care of my grandma in China and our friends living all over the world, we were a little concerned that many people wouldn’t be able to attend our wedding.

But my genius husband told me about his friend John who has a VR media business and who turns out to be of great help and relief to everyone who were not able to be there. When we re-watch the movie clips downloaded on our cell phone through the google day dream goggles, I was able to see every guest’s reactions to the joke I made at the ceremony, which I wasn’t able to do when we were at the altar. All in all, VR media made my wedding the next level fancier!! Thank John for the good job. Hope you find my review helpful!

Matt & Ge Boyle
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